My Macs

My infatuation with Macintosh computers began in late 1994. Now that isn't much time in the grand scheme of things but, during that time I have gone through more than my fair share of computers. Listed below, by date of manufacture, are my various work and home computers:

Mac Plus (home)
This wasn't my first Apple computer but, it is the oldest. I rescued this Mac Plus from certain doom when a friend, who had been given this old computer, found that it couldn't do the things she wanted. She had planned on throwing it away unless... I would take it off her hands. What could I do... it was so cute. My little Mac Plus is hardly ever turned on and it's never used but, it's a piece of Apple history that I couldn't bring myself to part with.

Quadra 650 (home)
I purchased this computer from Atlas Van Lines Public Relations department in 1998. I took it home and set it up for my father-in-law so that he could email family members and play countless games of solitaire. Since then I've upgraded my father-in-law to a PowerMac 6400 with a G3 accelerator installed. Our friend Sarah's Mother did use the Quadra 650 for simple book keeping and playing solitaire.

Quadra 840AV (work)
My first exposure to Apple computers came in late 1994 when the Atlas Van Lines graphics department decided to move into the 20th century and purchase a Quadra 840AV. Since Macs were the industry standard for desktop publishing and graphic design we were able to convince the Atlas MIS department that we couldn't use a nasty old IBM clone. I became enamoured with the Quadra's power and simplicty. I was soon staying after work, learning how to use the computer and all the software. I had never really used a computer before and suddenly I couldn't imagine working without it. Today, the Quadra is no longer the workhorse it once was but, it's still used for burning CD's.

Powermac 6100 Series (home)
It wasn't long before I realized that I was spending far too much time at work and that I needed a computer for home. In 1995, I took the plunge and purchased a PowerMac 6100 loaded with 24 MB of ram. When our friend, Sarah, needed a new computer I suggested a Performa 6116. Then, after I was married, my wife needed her own computer so I bought her a used 6100. My family must have had a love affair with the 6100 series. Did I mention that my brother has a 6100 also?

PowerMac 7200 (work)
At my place of business, Atlas Van Lines, I belong to a small group of radicals that use Macintosh computers. The Graphics department and Corporate Communications are surrounded by a sea of PC's... and we wouldn't have it any other way. When my friend Jim Huth, Director of Corporate Communications at Atlas, upgraded to a G3 his old 7200 sat unused in the corner of his office. I asked him if I could use it in the graphics department for record keeping, etc. and he gladly agreed. The 7200 is still on my desk and put to use every day I am at work.

PowerComputing PowerBase 180 (work)
The Atlas graphics department needed an additional computer - around the time of the short-lived Mac cloning. We added a PowerBase 180 to our existing Quadra 840AV. The Power Computing line was substantially less expensive than comparably equipped Apple products - probably why Steve Jobs decided to kill the clones. Overall, the computer was fine except, everytime I upgraded the software I would have to take out the newly installed Apple CD ROM software and reinstall the Power Computing CD ROM software. What a pain!

Performa 6400 (home)
My father-in-law had inherited my first computer, a Powermac 6100. But the time came when he needed to upgrade. So, for Father's Day, my wife and I bought a second hand, souped up Performa 6400. It was maxed out at 136 meg of ram and had a 320 mhz G3 upgrade installed. Other upgrades included USB and an ethernet card which was necessary to connect to our shared cable internet connection. I installed Virtual PC so my father-in-law can finally view all the PC attachments friends and family keep emailing him. That's as close as I will come to actually having a PC in our house.

PowerBook 1400c (home)
My wife likes to travel... I don't. To make long trips easier on myself I decided it would be beneficial to get a laptop. At the time I couldn't afford a new PowerBook so, I did an extensive online search for a reasonably priced used one. I came across an individual selling a 1400c and after a little negotiation, we came to a mutually agreeable price. I recently bought a G3 accelerator card for my PowerBook. Life couldn't be much sweeter.

G3 MiniTower (work)
At work, my PowerBase 180 was quickly becoming outdated. With a little coaxing I was able to talk my boss into getting a G3 minitower... with built in zip drive and AV capabilities! He then inherited my PowerBase 180. The Quadra 840AV was then used exclusively for burning CD's. I had assembled a collection of Atlas Van Lines logos, trucks and other images for use in publications, advertisements, etc. that I burn on CD's for numerous uses. The new G3 was a fast 266 MHZ machine that I had bumped up to 128 MB of ram... for all those large Photoshop and Illustrator files.

iMAC Blueberry (home)
When the iMacs were introduced I really wanted one but, they seemed a bit underpowered for my needs and didn't offer much expandibility. They were just so darned cute, though. Maybe I didn't need one but, the little woman could probably use one. That was how I justified getting one of the fruit-flavored machines. My wife's flavor of choice was blueberry. Jo Ann spends a lot of time online and does simple word processing so the iMac is the perfect computer for her.

Blue & White G3 & 17" Display
There's nothing like going in debt for something you really want... and I REALLY wanted the new Blue & White G3. From it's simple and elegant design to it's unique easy access door the Yosemite G3 is as much a work of art as it is a computer. I opted for the 350 mhz machine with DVD, ZIP drive and a whopping 320 MB of ram. To put things into perspective... my first computer had 24 MB of ram which cost almost twice as much as the 320 MB in this new G3. Unbelieveable!

iBook Blueberry (home)
My wife spends a lot of time playing on the internet and she wanted to be able to play anywhere and at anytime. Enter the iBook. Fortunately, we have a friend that works at Sears and whenever there are returns on Mac equipment I get a call. He had a deal that I couldn't pass up. We were able to get a blueberry iBook for more than half off. What a bargain!!

iMac Graphite (home away from home)
On the same day we purchased our iBook, our friend Sarah also purchased a Mac product... the Special Edition iMac! Our contact at Sears had a graphite iMac that was supposedly damaged, although I have yet to find any damage. Sarah saved over $400 on this little powerhouse of a machine. All of our weekends are spent at Sarah's house, our home away from home.

iBook 2 (home)
My faithful Powerbook 1400 was starting to show it's age. I really couldn't afford the Titanium G4 so I opted for its little brother... the totally redesigned iBook! I chose the DVD model with 384 meg of ram and a 10 gig hard drive. One of the coolest additions I made to my computer collection was an Airport. So now my wife and I can surf and access our desktop machines wirelessly from our laptops... oh, yeah!!

PowerMac G4 (home)
OK... maybe I didn't really need this 933 mhz monster with 1.25 GB of ram and a total of 180 gb of hard drive space, but I really wanted it! I already had a digital 8 camcorder and thought it was time to try my hand at making DVDs. With the built in SuperDrive and iDVD, making DVDs is child's play. I now run OS X Jaguar on all of my systems... except my machine at work... which is the Dual 1 ghz PowerMac G4. I'm in Mac Heaven!