iMac Colors

Learn the meaning behind the original iMac colors

Five Colors for Five Different Personalities

Blueberry: Constancy and Truth
Forever associated with sea and sky, blue is the favorite color for a majority of the population, 35 percent in the U.S. Blue emerges as tender, soothing, cool, passive, secure and comfortable - which inspires calm, confidence and harmony, a sense of control and responsibility. Most people respond to blue as credible, authoritative, basic, classic, conservative, strong, dependable, traditional, confident and professional. However, the electric blues share the same characteristics with a spark of excitement.

Blue people are sensitive to the needs of others and form strong attachments. They are cool, confident and trusting with a strong need to be trusted and are therefore deeply hurt if their trust is betrayed. They aspire to harmony, serenity, patience, perseverance and peace. They think twice before acting out, are generally conservative, even-tempered and reliable. Because of their highly developed sense of responsibility, blue personalities must be careful of perfectionist tendencies that may make them unrealistically demanding.

Grape: Passion and Magic
The rainbow's most complex color and so are the people who prefer it; artists, designers and performers -- nonconformists. Highly creative types enjoy the uniqueness inherent in this extraordinary hue. Purple balances the excitement of red with the tranquillity of blue, often producing conflicting traits. It has an aura of mystery and intrigue and has long been associated with royalty. There are many components of this complex color, and therefore, many meanings.

People who like to consider themselves different from the common herd or unconventional often prefer purple. The purple person is enigmatic and highly creative, with a quick perception of spiritual ideas. Purple is also associated with wit, keen observation, supersensitivity, vanity and moodiness. The purple personality can be secretive, so that even though this person may seem to confide freely, their closest friends might never know their innermost feelings.

Tangerine: Radiant and Hot
Of all of the colors of the spectrum, orange is probably the least understood and the most maligned. It is perceived as the hottest of all colors - even more so than red because it takes its heat from two radiant sources, yellow and red. The brightest tones of orange are seen as gregarious, fun-loving, high-energy.

Lovers of this color work and play hard, are adventurous and enthusiastic. They are good-natured, expansive and extroverted with a disposition as bright as their favorite color. They like to be with people, their ideas are original and they have strong determination. Success in business can come easily to this gregarious, charming person.

Lime: Natural and Pleasant
The sight of green is inexorably linked to a sense of smell. The word "green" comes from the same root as "grow," so green symbolizes that which grows as well as the regeneration and renewal of life. Green generally imparts a refreshing, cool and collected feel.

People who favor green tend to be stable, balanced types. This is the good citizen, concerned parent, involved neighbor -- the joiner of clubs and organizations. "Green people" are intelligent and understand new concepts, and although they are more inclined to do what is popular and conventional rather than take risk with something new, lovers of bright citrusy greens will forge ahead.

Strawberry: Power and Strength
Red elicits the strongest emotions in every culture. Studies have found that brain function, as measured by electrical responses, is more effected by red than any other color of equal intensity. Throughout history, red has signaled excitement, dynamism, danger and sex. Red is intense, passionate, dramatic, energetic, aggressive and daring. It is the second most powerful color, following black.

People whose favorite color is red have a zest for life; they are, quite literally, "movers and shakers." Red lovers are achievers, intense, impulsive, competitive, energetic, daring and aggressive. They are exciting, optimistic, animated people, leaders who like to be the center of attention. Routine drives them crazy. They crave new things and new experiences. They are assertive and can therefore be moody, bossy and fickle in the pursuit of new challenges.