Think Different

Are you one of those people that prefers to stand out in a crowd? Do you tend to lead rather than follow? Do you own a Mac instead of a PC? If you do... you're not alone. Regardless of what the Apple naysayers might tell you.

Granted, Mac people tend to be... eccentric or maybe eclectic. They aren't part of the norm. And that's the way we like it! That can be a good and a bad thing, though. Sometimes you feel like you're on the outside looking in. The PC community, oftentimes, has a wider selection of... well, almost everything! That just means Apple has to try harder and take greater risks.

Speaking of risks, the iMac was a risk. A computer without a floppy drive, no SCSI connectors and what the heck is USB? Today, the iMac permeates the landscape and has become one of the hottest selling computers around, PC's included.

What's next for Apple? Who knows for sure, but the totally redesigned iMac, which allows you to make your own DVD's for a mere $1800, would make a great birthday or Christmas present for yours truly. Hint, hint...