Kubert School

Back in 1976, Joe Kubert, a pioneer in the comic book industry, founded a school that a quarter century later still bears his name. Many of today’s comic book artists and animators received their early education here and what follows are my recollections of my one year at the Kubert school.

The catalyst for this website was a young Kubert student my wife, Jo Ann, met online. He asked Jo Ann various questions about the students and teachers that were at the school way back in '83! It had been quite awhile since I had thought of those bygone days and found my memories to be somewhat... elusive. I felt it best to get my thoughts and recollections recorded before I forgot them completely.

To be honest, I designed this site primarily for myself. Don't get me wrong - I hope people enjoy the stories and images they find here but, as I look back, my experiences at the Kubert school were some of my fondest memories. With this website I hope to revisit those creative and inspirational days one more time...